Health and Wellness 2017: Benefits and Types of Body Massage


Massage is applying pressure on various parts of the body through motion, tension or vibration manually or mechanically. Manual massage involves usage of fingers, hands, elbows, forearm, knees, or feet, whereas mechanical massage involves the use of a massage device such as stones, massage electrodes, sticks or electronic massager. There are different types of body massage, and not all are suitable for everyone, so it is best to research first before making a choice for you to get the maximum benefits of massage.

Swedish massage is a popular type of massage using five basic strokes that include the gliding stroke or effleurage, the kneading stroke or petrissage, steady pressure or friction, drumming or tapotement, and vibration. Swedish massage is the most widely practiced and well-known massage that can improve your blood circulation to the skin, muscles and joints for relieving tension, lowers your blood pressure, reduces your stress and enhances your overall health and well-being. Shaitsu is a type of Japanese massage that works with the same traditional Chinese medicine principles, considering the body as a web of interconnected energy pathways or what they call as meridians. Any block on the flow of the body's energy leads to imbalances, either an enery deficiency or energy excess. Shiatsu is a combination of holding, stretching and pressure in target points of the body, treating blockages and restoring smooth energy flow and body balance. Reiki is a type of body massage that also works on your energy. Reiki is using series of hands-on holding positions corresponding to nerve plexes and vital organs, assisting the recuperative process of the body and restoring mental calmness, thus is excellent for people with mood disorders, depression or anxiety. Heated stone massage involves the use of basalt mineral stones or semi-precious stones which is a representation of the chakras. There is a release of muscle tension as the smooth stones are moved over the muscles. It is also believed that heated stone massage is good for aligning the body's subtle energies, for harmony and superior body tuning. Sports massage is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, because it involves more vigorous movements and techniques, used as warm up for the muscles, assists in training, prevents injury and aids in the healing of an injury. 

There are other different types of massage such as lymphatic massage, pregnancy massage, rolfing, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage and others. If you want to more information, kindly please visit our website to check out videos, tutorials, photos and other helpful articles for your massage research.

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